Lewisham Police

British Transport Police authorised a Section 60 order, which grants police officers the right to stop and search anyone.

Passengers also noticed heightened police presence at Lewisham Station on Friday evening, with more police officers on duty at the south east London channel than usual.

The Start

It started at 4pm on November 30 until 7am on December 1 and covered British Transport Police jurisdiction and a perimeter of 200m around Lewisham Station.

Police said that the Section 60 was allowed in response to a range of”highly regarding incidents” in London and south east stations in the past month, involving knives and weapons.

Lewisham Police

Superintendent Paul Langley said:”The decision has not been taken lightly and can be in reaction to a range of exceptionally regarding incidents on the rail network, involving violence or weapons.

“Today is 1 step in our fight back against knife and violence crime, and I hope that the majority of passengers will be reassured by the presence of my own officers.

“Section 60 powers are an extremely effective tool in our capacity to prevent serious violence and capture dangerous weapons from the streets and we’re convinced this authority is justified.”

You can report incidents and some other issues with British Transport Police by texting 61016 or calling 0800 40 50 40.

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