Police called to Croydon school after students ‘who ate cannabis cakes’ taken to hospital

Police were called to a Croydon school after three students were taken to hospital, after reportedly eating ‘cannabis cakes’.

Students at Shirley High became unwell and started hallucinating after a girl allegedly brought in the cakes laced with the drug for her and her friends on March 29, an insider source told The Sun .Staff are said to have noticed something was wrong and called officers and paramedics , who took three students to hospital, where they are not in serious condition.

The police are “working to trace a number of other pupils” but so far there have been no arrests.

The source said: “She baked the brownies at home with skunk weed and took them into school the next day and stashed them in her locker.

“The girl gave them out to friends at lunchtime and a short while later they began falling ill.

“The brownies were full of skunk grass and would have been the equivalent of smoking several really strong joints.

“The kids were hallucinating and in a state of delirium. Teachers realised something was wrong and were told they had all eaten cannabis cakes.

“A teacher called 999 and a load of ambulances and police turned up. It was quite a drama but luckily none of the kids suffered any permanent damage.

“The girl admitted baking the cakes and says it was only meant to be a bit of fun and she didn’t intend to harm anyone.”

The co-ed secondary, whose full name is Shirley High School Performing Arts College, has almost 1,000 students and was one of 300 named in January by the Government for under-performing.

A Met spokesman said police were called at just before 3pm on March 29 to reports of a number of students “feeling unwell”.

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