Plan to transform Kings Meadow

The strategy to change crumbling and lean facilities in a park in Sundridge was promoted.

Kings Meadow at Burnt Ash Lane can eventually be restored shortly after an effective tendering procedure where certain features have been discussed.

Friends of Kings Meadow community team was formed in January 2018 and has invested more than a year creating a project to enhance the playground.

The team has raised over 5,500 and Clarion has generated a #5,000 donation.

The job is expected to cost a total of 70,000 with Bromley Council to donate 15,000 from the neighborhood finance.

Grant applications are currently being ready to assist achieve the 70k target.

Caroline Navin, chairwoman of all FOKM’s, stated:”Many people have happy memories of playing outdoors in a park as kids and we’re very happy to find a style that will meet the demands of kids of all ages and skills.

“We’re optimistic that the park will make Kings Meadow the lively hub which our community wants and deserves.”

It’s estimated #70k will revamp the green area to see more inventive play equipment and much more wheelchair accessibility.

FOKM’s desire to eliminate the weapon between the area and present playground to make a larger space with new gear.

Councillor William Huntington-Thresher stated:”I’m happy that progress has been made to deliver these programs or this job nearer to fruition and on behalf of everybody, including neighborhood residents who might not be closely involved.

“I want to thank the Friends of Kings Meadow due to their continuing support and sheer hard work to get the job to this stage.

“In case you’ve been motivated to join this dedicated group, please make yourself known to them Saturday 8 June where specifics of these programs will be accessible also.”

A household sports day is being held on June 8 in Kings Meadow Recreation Ground to outline strategies.

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