Croydon Police

Jordan Nsumba jailed, after attacking and stabbing two boys in Croydon.

Jordan Nsumba, 18, of Handcroft Road, Croydon was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment at the Old Bailey on Wednesday November 28 after pleading guilty to two counts of GBH.

He was also sentenced to 12 months in jail after he admitted to carrying a knife in a public place. All sentences will run concurrently.

Nsumba carried out his attack shortly before 4pm on June 25 after confronting two males, who were gang rivals, in High Street, Croydon. The group of men had been following Nsumba in the run up to the stabbing.

Police were called to the scene by paramedics who were at a betting shop in High Street treating a 16-year-old man for two stab injuries; one to his chest and one to his arm. He was rushed to a south London hospital for treatment where it was established that the injury to his chest had missed his heart by 1cm.

A second man, aged just 16 years was also attached by Nsumba. He was admitted to hospital later with a stab wound to his shoulder.

Jordan Nsumba Jailed

Police Officers from Croydon MPS launched an investigation, during which time they viewed CCTV covering the local area. Soon after, Jason was identified as the suspect. He was arrested on July 13 and subsequently charged.

Detective Constable Kathlyn Stanley-Quist of Croydon CID said: “This was a violent and brazen fight that took place in daylight hours in front of shocked members of the public.

“It is only by sheer luck that Nsumba is not standing trial for murder given the injury sustained by one of his victims.

“Knife crime has no place on our streets and the Met is committed to arresting those who choose to carry weapons in public.”

The two young males who had been stabbed by Nsumba, both pleaded guilty to causing affray. They have been given supervision orders.

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