Apology after horrific attack on pregnant woman

An apologetic academy says it’s”horrified and deeply saddened” following a pregnant girl was brutally brutally attacked by pupils in Penge.

The girl was attacked after preventing a Harris Girl’s Academy pupil from being bullied farther outside Sainsbury’s.

She asserts the woman escaped until the”animalistic teenagers” turned .

In accordance with the sufferer, she had been hit, kicked and stamped with a bunch of up to 30 pupils from the girls’ academy.

The sufferer wrote on social websites how she had been left fearing for her child’s life through the disgusting ordeal that left her hospitalised and respectful.

A spokesman for Harris Federation told South London Online:”We’re horrified and deeply saddened by this event, which happened at the community after college a week.

“We want to confer with the victim to the dreadful behavior she struck after she reluctantly tried to shield one of our students from the aggression of others.

“We’re treating this matter with the utmost seriousness and will subject those involved so.”

South London Online knows the attack occurred on Monday, May 13, in approximately 5pm.

The victim explained having her encounter”constantly stamped on” by both boys and girls that guessed were Year 8 pupils.

Happily the girl’s baby is unharmed along with the sufferer stated the swelling has gone down despite suffering damage to her retina.

At a message to the pupils who assaulted, she wrote:”I expect you are fighting to sleep at night knowing when the authorities did not turn up at that specific instant, you had been really keen to risk ending mine along with my babies life for the sake of becoming involved in an attack which you and your buddies were definitely winning.

“What did I ever do to some of you to deserve that type of attack?”

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