Road Rage, man fighting for his life after road rage attack in Streatham

Police Accident

A man is fighting for his life after an assault on Stanthorpe Road, Streatham.

Witnesses to the attack said the man was involved in an argument over “right of way” to a road before being punched. A man was later seen running away from the incident. A local man, Shafaq Hassan heard the disturbance outside his workplace and went to investigate: “Passersby and neighbours had stopped. There was a man sitting on the road surrounded by a few people. I asked what had happened and was told he had been punched.”

The road was closed off for a number of hours as Police looked to secure any evidence.

The Police made a statement that an “ambulance was called for at 5.18pm on Friday to reports of a man who had been assaulted.”

No one has been arrested as yet.

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