London to suffer with Tube strikes from Sunday through till Wednesday next week

London Underground

It’s not currently known what lines will be hit hardest by the strikes; however, it’s expected that Zone 1 will be hit hardest.

In a recent email from Transport for London to Passengers: “We will run as many services as possible to get people close to Central London and will open as many stations as we can. However, it is very likely that many, particularly those in Zone 1, will not open at all or will close at short notice.”

They went on to say that they would run more bus and rover services throughout the capital. They also warned that rail services would become busier than normal and to try to leave earlier.

They also asked that people try to walk to work if at all possible.

The union view

A spokesman for the RMT Union confirmed that the strikes would go ahead; however, he did say talks were ongoing with TFL.

Members of the RMT Union will now strike for 16 hours straight from 6pm Sunday till 10am on February 7th.

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