London councils in cash grab, motorists fined a record £127m for minor offences

Parking Warden

London councils are fining motorists a record £127 million a year for minor motoring offences.

The councils made the cash by installing spy cameras to catch motorists stuck in yellow box junctions or making incorrect turns.

Councils accused of cash grab

Road campaigners have accused councils of a “cash grab” and merely moving on from the banning of using CCTV to fine for illegal parking to other legal (Yet just as immoral) activities.

According to figures from the Evening Standard, councils and Transport for London issued 980,058 tickets in 2015/16 a whopping 50% more than the same period before.

Apparently, the number of tickets issues across London remained the same, even though new rules should have lowered them. 400,000 fewer parking tickets were given out in the same period.

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