South London MPs defy their whip to vote against Brexit Bill

Houses of Parliament

Many South London Labour MPs who defied their whips wishes and voted against the Brexit Bill might lose their positions.

Of the 47 Labour MPs that voted against the Bill, 20 were based in London and many of those in South London.

Radio 4 Interview

Shadow Chancellor John Donnell gave a firm view of what Labour thinks about MPs that stand up for themselves on Radio 4 yesterday: “The parliamentary convention will apply which is that if you are in cabinet or shadow cabinet you will stand down. For other positions that will be for the chief whip to report and that will be in due course.”

Who Voted Against In South London

    Vicky Foxcroft – MP for Lewisham Deptford
  • Heidi Alexander – Lewisham East

Heidi gave a strong speach to the House of Commons in which she said: “I feel like I’m watching a slow motion car crash and I have to do something about it.”

What Mr Useless Had To Say

Jeremy Corbyn, everyone’s favorite Vegan busybody said: “I understand the difficulties that MPs for constituencies which voted Remain have in relation to the European Union withdrawal Bill.” He went on say that it was however Labour’s “duty” to respect the referendum result to leave the EU.”

The White Paper that was recently published has finally put some priorities forward for negotiations between the UK and EU.

Formal negotiations can only begin when Article 50 is triggered, something Teresa May intends on doing by the end of March.

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