The London Black Taxi that’s actually green, new model ready to take to the streets

TX5 London Taxi

The new design for London’s latest generation of green taxis were unveiled today.

The new taxis, all with zero emissions and an electric charge range of 70 miles, are all designed to be lighter and roomier than past models.

They can carry 6 passengers and now include model charging, wifi and a panoramic roof.

Disabled facilities

The new generation cabs will also feature improvements to aid disabled passengers. One of the previous complaints was of disabled passengers being forced to face backwards during their journey.

This has now been fixed and the newer taxis will all feature forward facing wheelchair mount points.


This new breed of London taxis will also feature something new. An electric motor will work together with a petrol one to recharge the battery, making it the world’s greenest cab.

In response to the new taxi design, TFL have committed to creating dedicated charge points for taxis across the capital. Drivers of older style taxis will be offered cash to take their old vehicles off the road.

The mayor’s transport body is aiming for 9,000 zero emission capable taxis by 2020, which would cut the capital’s total NOx emissions by 3.5 per cent and total PM10s by 4.5 per cent.

New Chinese Owner

The Chinese-owned manufacturer, who are to open £300 million factory in Coventry this year, are also looking at other European capitals for export of the new green cab.

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