Muswell Hill: Power cut leaves 1000 homes without electricity

Another view of dark streets in the Soho area.

1000 homes in Muswell Hill were left without electricity last night has a power cut took place.

Residents have said they had to use torches and candles whilst others whose homes were reliant on electric for heating saw their homes become freezing cold.

The electricity cut hit properties across Muswell Hill and in Hornsey, Crouch End and Harringay at about 9pm last night.

Among those affected was Eastenders star Jessie Wallace who tweeted: “My road has a power cut! I wouldn’t give a s*** usually but I was enjoying watching ‘Stake Out!’”

The power cut also affected Soho and Picadilly.

It’s no fun without electricity

Helen Leake, a local resident said that the lights went out about 9pm.

She said: “No fun when you’re all electric. No heat is the main problem if it stays off for too long.”

Another view of dark streets in the Soho area.

Lizzy Day, who lives in Crouch End, said: “The power cut came on just before 9pm, I was cooking my dinner when the power went.”

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