Manor House care home in Morden, fined £24k after woman falls onto radiator

A care home based in South London has been heavily fined after a lady fell onto a radiator, causing serious burns.

The woman, 70 year old Kathleen Walters, needed skin grafts after she fell against the radiator in her bedroom. She was found at 8:20am, after last being checked at 7:10am.

Fines & Costs

The owners of the care home, Dudley and Helene Sessford, will now have to pay £24,000 plus costs after pleading guilty to failing to provide safe care and treatment.

Care Quality Commission

The chief inspector for the Care Commission, Debbie Ivanova, said: “This incident was entirely avoidable.

“The risk of people sustaining serious burns from uncovered radiators is something all care homes should be aware of.”

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