Londoners lose five days per year just looking for a parking spot

London Car Parking

According to new figures, Londoners use up an average of 5 days a year looking for a parking spot.

Car drivers in London, spend on average 8 minutes a time looking for a spot to park in after each journey.

British Parking Association

The research was carried out by the British Parking Association, a trade body who discovered the 5 day a year spent on parking.

To carry out the research, they queried 2,000 drivers and revealed 44% said finding a spot is stressful, particularly in cities.

More than 50% of drivers were fed-up of other motorists who park badly and take up spaces they shouldn’t, while 48% a annoyed at a general lack of decent parking.

BPA chief executive Patrick Troy said: “Ease of access and convenience as well as safety and lighting are key issues for motorists when looking to park.

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