Kingston air pollution reaches toxic levels near Cromwell Road

Kingston Bus Station

Recent recordings have shown that the small London Borough of Kingston has surpassed the legal limit for air pollution.

So far this week, much of London has fared the same too, with warnings given out to both healthy people and those with chronic lung conditions.

Health advice

Residents of the area who do have heart or lung conditions have been advised against outdoors exercise or hard work that may put their respiratory system under greater pressure.

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “The extent of our air quality crisis means that I have triggered a city-wide alert, ensuring Londoners have all the information possible.”

“It’s crucial that Londoners who are vulnerable, such as asthma sufferers, are able to take appropriate measures to protect themselves.”

Where are the highest readings being taken?

At the moment, Cromwell Road in Kingston and the area around the bus station are the worst affected. They currently read the highest level of pollution in South London. Local residents are urged to steer clear of this area if possible.

Kingston Council had recently finished a consultation on air Pollution this month, They will be releasing a report on air pollution and what the borough can do about it.

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