George Smith, a fly tipper who dumped tonnes of waste jailed in South Croydon

Croham Manor Fly Tipping

A prolific fly tipper who had been known to dump tonnes of waste has finally been jailed in South Croydon.

George Smith, was captured on camera tipping rubble, wood and builders waste along the side of Croham Manor Close last year.

The sentence

George, was sentenced to 52 weeks in prison for his fly tipping, which included three other offences in and around the Croydon area.

He’s now the second person to have been imprisoned for fly tipping.

Two vans, which the Police believe to have been used for the tipping have been taken away from Mr Smith.

Pleaded not guilty

The 40 year old man pleaded not guilty to the offences, he said that someone had been using false plates to dump the waste that matched his vans.

During sentencing, District Judge Hammond described his actions as “wanton vandalism” and said: “This is your third set of convictions for offences of this nature. My hope is to deter this type of offending by imposing this custodial sentence.”

Local councillors are hoping that this custodial sentence will deter other fly tippers.

“I hope this jail sentence serves as a warning to him and to other would-be enviro-criminals that we will simply not tolerate this behaviour and will not hesitate to exercise our powers to ensure they are brought to justice in court” – said Stuart Collins, a local councilor.

“Our Don’t Mess with Croydon campaign has highlighted the huge amount of pride the vast majority of our residents take in our borough and I know that many of them will join me in welcoming today’s verdict.”

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