Family dumps man with dementia in car park and flew to America

Roger Curry

Roger Curry, an elderly man who was suffering with dementia, was dumped at a bus station two years ago.

He had no identification, just the clothes on his back, according to USA Court Documents.

He didn’t know where he was

The 76 year old man did not know his name or where he had been dumped.

At the time of the discovery, local Police attempted to track down the family and to identify the “unknown man”.

He was taken into the care of a nursing home while police and social services spent months trying to find out who he was.

Who dumped him?

West Mercia Police have said they want to trace a man, who was seen walking with Mr Curry on the day of his discovery.

The man is described as being in his late 40’s.

A worrying trend

According to USA news outlets, elderly people are often abandoned at hospitals in a practice known as “granny dumping”.

The reason is because of the high cost of care in the USA private system.

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