Dr Jaslot Singhota run over and killed while crossing road near Tulse Hill

De Jaslot Singhota

A young Doctor who had worked hard to care for patients has been knocked over and killed near Tulse Hill.

Dr Jasjot Singhota, a 30 year old woman was hit whilst using a Zebra Crossing near her home in South London.

After the accident, emergency workers treated her and she was taken to St Thomas Hospital for surgery, where she was eventually pronounced dead.

Shocked staff

Dr Singhota’s medical registrar, who was scheduled to remove her organs for transplants, was too distraught to begin the procedure.

Another surgeon carried out the procedure instead.

Dr Jaslot Singhota

Jaslot studied medicine and physiology at Edinburgh University and was due to fully graduate as a Doctor from the Royal College of Anaesthetists this March.

She was the second child of three sisters and had recently completed training that could have seen her working with London’s emergency Air Ambulance.

She had also worked with Medicin Sans Frontieres, a charity who work in dangerous locations where people need medical assistance worldwide.

Her sister Nicole, 22, a student, said: “I don’t know what to do now, we were best friends. I feel a lot of my own pain for losing her but I’m more upset for my sister and what she didn’t get to achieve.

“She was so modest but her brain was amazing, she could have developed a cure for something. She was a role model and guided me so much through life.

“It’s such a waste, she worked so hard to get all her qualifications and graduate and she said it was finally time to relax and enjoy life.

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