David Lytton might have worked on the London Underground

David Lytton Dead Body

A neighbour of the man found dead at Dovestones reservoir in Manchester believes the man used to work on the London Underground.

The mans name was finally revealed this week as 67 year old David Lytton. Family have been informed.

Uncertainty over death

There are still many questions about how David Lytton ended up dead. His body had been found to contain high concentrations of rat poison and was discovered dumped on a hillside in Oldham. Police are also looking into a line of enquiry in Pakistan, where David had travelled to recently.


David’s neighbours in London are naturally shocked by the sad turn of events. Mr Lytton had lived in Streatham, South London, since the 1980s before moving to Pakistan in 2005.

Peter Dias, was was Davids next door neighbour said: “I just wouldn’t have thought he would have done something like that but I do know David was quite a lonely character.”

“In all the years we lived here with him, we’ve had little interaction with him but he was always a pleasant person.”

Possible suicide

Police currently believe Mr Lytton killed himself using strychnine, often used as a pesticide / rat poison.

They believe he had worked both as an Underground operator and Taxi Driver.

Tracking his movements

Officers from Greater Manchester Police managed to trace Mr Lytton’s movements from Saddleworth to Piccadilly Station in Manchester, then on towards Euston and back to Ealing Broadway.

A DNA match with Davids family was also used to confirm the bodies identity.

An inquest into the death will be held at Rochdale Coroners Court on March 14.

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