Belgravia squatters evicted from 102 Eaton Place

Squatters, who occupied a £15 million residential mansion in the heart of Belgravia were evicted after a standoff with bailiffs yesterday.

30 squatters in total, including some activists, locked themselves inside the house as bailiffs looked to surround the property.

A live video from inside the mansion, showed the eviction as it happened. At the start, the squatters were stopping the bailiffs getting in the front door, yet a few minutes later they managed to enter the house from another door.

At that point the squatters were dragged outside.

This video was captured by Johnathan Savage of BBC Radio London.

The whole world is watching

“The whole world is watching,” activists shouted as police and bailiffs arrived.

A private company named “The Sheriffs Office” carried out the eviction. After the eviction, 4 security staff guarded the property as 20 squatters sat on the pavement outside.

They had occupied the property for about a week.

One of the squatters, Sam, said : “We enjoyed being neighbours with the Queen. This squat has had a real family vibe. We’ve been cooking together and looking after the homeless people. Nobody should have to be homeless.”

Another squatter, Daniel, said: “The security guards got in through the basement. We will be taking another building soon.”

Eviction order

A judge at the Central London County Court allowed the eviction to go ahead on Tuesday.

Helping homeless people

Since the squatters took over the property, they had been providing food and clothing to homeless people and hosting film nights.

However, on Saturday they were attacked by a group who threw bricks, bottles and poles through the windows.

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