South London hospitals at breaking point due to bed shortages

National Health Service

A chronic shortage of beds across the South East has grown by 60% in seven years because of underfunding. That’s what one of the country’s largest unions thinks.

The GMB Union claims that a general lack of funding has left the care system unable to cope. Patients as a result are unable to leave hospital and return to their homes after treatment.

The regional organiser for the GMB, Gary Palmer, said: “At a time when desperately ill patients are left waiting in hospital corridors due to a lack of beds, these figures are particularly distasteful.”

“The Conservatives have let our social care system deteriorate to breaking point due to years of serious underfunding.”

Warning From The Res Cross

The Red Cross have warned that the National Health Service was about to suffer a “humanitarian crisis”, as NHS services would be unable to cope with emergency cases properly across South London.

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