Three people wrongly arrested for murder after trying to SAVE victims life

A former social worker who worked with young people was arrested whilst trying to save the life of a man shot in Woolwich.

He’s now received an out of court payout from Police.

Nathan O’Brien, who’s 23, said that he suffered from PTSD after the incident four years ago. He was 19 at the time of the arrest when he discovered a man bleeding to death on the pavement in Woolwich town Centre.

Nathan, administered first aid to the victim whilst telling passers by the call 999. He was later praise by the Police for his quick thinking and first aid skills.

The Arrest

However, a Police Officer was adamant that Nathan and his two friends accompany Police to the station. When the three friends refused to be detained the Police then arrested them for murder.

Nathan O’Brien said: “We were driving through Woolwich on November 19, 2012, when I saw a group of young kids standing around a pair of legs. I pulled over to see if I could help. I recognised Marcus. He used to sell CDs and everyone knew him.”

Nathan then went on to describe how he administered CPR for 10 minutes whilst help arrived.

On describing his treatment by Police Nathan said: “I told him I was happy to give a witness statement at the scene, but I hadn’t seen what happened and had only stopped to give first aid. He said it was ‘not an option’ to give a statement at the scene.”


After several months of investigation, all charges against Nathan and his friends had been dropped; however, the damage had been done at this point. Nathan suffered from PTSD and it affected the way people treated him as a possible murderer.

Nathan has now received and out of court settlement of £15,000 for the incident. Mr O’Kane and Mr Crawford, Nathans friends who were present at the time both received £12,500 and £10,000.

In a letter to Mr O’Brien from Debbie Ralph, head of misconduct and hearings in the Met Police’s directorate of professional standards, said: “I have no hesitation in acknowledging that you had no involvement whatsoever in Mr Innocent’s murder. Moreover, the Met is grateful to you for taking it upon yourself to try and save Mr Innocent’s life by commencing CPR and continuing to assist with first aid after police had arrived on the scene.”

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