Richard Pascal: Man spared jail after sexual assault in back of London Ambulance

A man who sexually assaulted a female Paramedic in the back of a London Ambulance has escaped a jail sentence.

Richard Pascal, who is 53 touched the Paramedic after being found drunk in Hackney.

The Paramedic said that the man touched her repeatedly whilst lying on a trolley. He then moved his hand and touched her bottom.

The Paramedic told the man that this behavior was inappropriate.

Threatening Language

The Paramedic staff drove Mr Pascal to hospital for treatment of injuries caused by a fall. During that journey, Mr Pascal continued to make threats and use sexual language towards the female Paramedic.

LAS control was then alerted that the Paramedics feared for their safety.


Richard was sentenced to a six week prison sentence suspended for 12 months.

He has also been told to pay £350 in costs.

Detective Paul Ridley, who headed the case said: “The behaviour of Pascal was unforgivable and the language he used was abhorrent.”

Richard will now be placed on the sex offenders register for several years.

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