Coupled fined after ordering 13 takeaways for neighbour

A couple have been fined by the courts after ordering 13 separate takeaways for a neighbour they dislike.

Alan Ward, 23, and Kirsty Ogle, 19, ordered multiple takeaways to arrive at different times of the day and night.

As a result, their poor neighbour dreaded answering the door and dealing with the results of the “joke”. Police eventually tracked down the neighbour by tracing their mobile phone records.

The defence

Andrew O’Hanlon, defence for the pair said that “unemployment had made silly work for idle hands”.

They were fined £150 for causing harassment at Newcastle Magistrate and ordered to pay £150 in compensation to the victim.

The victim of the joke said: “I have never been so nervous and paranoid. I was suspicious of everyone I know and I was accusing people wrongly of being behind the deliveries.”

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