Bermondsey, woman driven from car and kicked in face

Police Accident

A woman in her 30s, was allegedly pulled from her vehicle and kicked repeatedly on Saturday evening, sources say.

The incident happened in Bermondsey, South London.

Passer-By Helped

According to the Police, a passer-by stopped to help and was able to call a taxi to allow the woman to get home.

Police have said that they were only contacted about the incident after an Ambulance was called to the woman’s home on Sunday morning.

The woman was taken to hospital and treated for minor injuries to her face, arms and legs – she was discharged the same day.


A man was arrested on Sunday and has been charged with Actual Bodily Harm.

Anyone who has information about this incident, particularly where the incident occurred are asked to call the Lambeth Community Safety Unit on 020 8649 2191.

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